Alcohol Screening

Talk to your Pharmacist first:

Your pharmacist is a medical professional, and you can talk to them about a health related concern in complete confidence and privacy. There is no need to book an appointment you can just ask at the counter to talk to the pharmacist in the private consultation room.

The Service

This service offers screening and one to one support for patients seeking help towards alcohol abuse. It lets you see what your alcohol patterns are and see if it is harming your health. The pharmacist can then talk to you and offer advice on life style changes if they are needed.

It’s likely that what you do know about alcohol is based on what you’ve heard or experienced, but how much of that is fact and how much is myth? We’ve worked with our panel of experts to produce a range of alcohol information and advice. So whether you want to know about the impact alcohol can have on your health or how it can affect your relationships and family, talk to your pharmacist.

If you are someone who drinks alcohol it’s likely you’ve experienced first-hand at least some of its short-term health effects, be it a hangover or a bad night’s sleep. It’s the longer term health effects of alcohol that people often only experience once it’s too late. But it really doesn’t have to be like that; use these pages to arm yourself with the facts about alcohol’s effects.

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Change is a good thing and that’s why you’ve made the decision to cut back on the alcohol you drink. Our tips and advice on cutting back and staying on track will help you on the way, as will our drink tracking tool MyDrinkaware. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to experience the benefits.

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